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Portfolio Management


>> Portfolio management is the selection and management of all of an organizations projects, programs and related business-as-usual activities.

>> Management of an entire portfolio of risks with the objective of balancing risks and preventing their concentration in any country or sector.

>> The aim of Portfolio Management is to achieve the maximum return from a portfolio which has been delegated to be managed by an individual manager or financial institution. The manager has to balance the parameters which define a good investment i.e. security, liquidity and return.

>> Aim to maximize the value of the portfolio by careful examination of candidate projects and programs for inclusion in the portfolio and the timely.

>> A management approach for analyzing, selecting, monitoring, and measuring the performance of assets that have been placed together. The fundamental idea is to maximize the groups return, given a certain level of risk. This requires quantifiable estimates for both the risk and return.

>> The process of managing the assets of a mutual fund, including choosing and monitoring appropriate investments and allocating funds accordingly.

>> Portfolio Management is a major responsibility at the corporate level geared at the analysis of the basic characteristics of the Portfolio. 

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